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JFCC Speaker Event: U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph R. Donovan

Thu, 13 Jun 2019
Dear members and friends,
As the United States of America and Republic of Indonesia mark 70 years of diplomatic ties, the value of this alliance is once again being underscored in the face of rising tensions around the globe.
Indonesia has often been praised by U.S. leaders as a bastion of pluralism and bulwark against the threat of terrorism. As Southeast Asia’s biggest economy, it’s not only a regional powerhouse but a country with huge potential. It’s no surprise then that U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, Joseph R. Donovan Jr., has voiced a fresh commitment to deepen ties and the strategic partnership between the two countries. He also doesn’t pull his punches, having at times been critical of policies in Indonesia that he says risk billions of dollars in U.S. investment.
Please join us as Ambassador Donovan addresses the Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club in what promises to be a vital and timely discussion on the importance of this relationship.
The JFCC Executive Committee

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