JFCC Speaker Event With Minister Of Education, Culture, Research & Technology, Nadiem Makarim

Thu, 27 May 2021

Dear members and friends,

Minister Nadiem Makarim surprised many of us when he stood down from Gojek to join Indonesia’s new cabinet for President Joko Widodo’s second term in 2019.

As the youngest member of the cabinet, at 35 when he took the job, his appointment has stirred  excitement about how it  could represent a new approach to doing things in government circles and an attempt to harness Indonesia’s booming technology sector.

But he also faces one of the biggest challenges to improve an education system that lags many neighbours in rankings and that has also been battered by the pandemic, forcing schools to shut across much of the archipelago.

We look forward to what should be a fascinating discussion on his strategy to bring Indonesia’s education system up to scratch.   Please can you send in any questions you have in advance and by midday on Tuesday so that he can give them his full attention.

Date : Thursday, 27 May 2021
Time : 1 – 2 p.m Jakarta
Registration & information : E:, WA: +62 812-1976-2119